Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Be careful while Leasing or buying a Home
Once you have found the home that you wish to lease, rent or buy, fill in your application and ask for an entry form. If they have accepted your application it does not mean you must lease or buy the property until you are satisfied with it's condition.
Go over the house with a fine tooth comb, look for paint scuffs, marks cracks on all walls and ceilings, photograph every corner of the house so that you are in possession of entry photo's that YOU took, make sure that the date is on them.Do not sign anything until you have made it absolutely clear that you do not trust the Real Estate Industry just as thousands of tenants and buyers that have been cheated in the past, do not trust them. It does not matter how Prince or Princess looking the Agent makes themselves look to you, the devil is hiding beneath their heavy leather hides. Of course, like the human race, there are those who are innocent of any wrongdoing against their customers but, one bad apple....

For those who are going to rent or lease, present the Agent with a copy of the approximately 30-40 prints you have taken with your mobile and also present them with your entry report noting all marks and scuffs/damage that must be repaired. Do not allow the Agent to deter you from having the damages repaired for you could be charged for them at a later date. Make sure the Agent knows or understands that you do NOT trust anyone connected to the housing market for they are looking for a scapegoat to pay for things that were created by an earlier tenant or general wear and tear.

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