Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Queensland have managed to do some weird and not-so-wonderful things over the years with the Lewis inquiry, the selling off of State assets and etc but the new kid on the block is the loss of Ombudsmen and many public protection agencies that have become unfunded. This means that such agencies are having to get their funds from somewhere and that somewhere is from the very industries they are supposed to be watching. In other words, the public have become expendable and available to the cheats in any industry. In  my own case, I still do not know on what basis my case was awarded to the Real Estate Agent simply because the JP member did not and would not tell me the reason. I was not allowed to present my own case. In fact it looked very much like this person and his airy fairy female JP attendant would make sure my case would be awarded to the Agent.
So angry was I at this gross miscarriage of justice, that I told the member that I would go to the police station next door and report the introduction of fraudulent invoices under section 253 of our criminal code. By the time I arrived at the police station [about two minutes] the JP member was already on the phone with the police sergeant claiming that the case was over and that I could not report the agent for a criminal act. So what kind of society do we live in, it appears that when one claims that they have been badly done by, nobody wants to take up the slack and get rid of the dirt that is forever hiding under the carpet.
Sure there are the occasional bad people among the public but the public are much more vulnerable, especially to those who have the funds to make even those who have done no wrong, look bad.
Having made an appeal, it was dismissed without being heard and again, I have no idea why I have been victimized except that I do know that the owners suffered a little loss to previous tenants an I have been made the scapegoat.

My anger stems from the Real Estate protection system that has sprung up in Queensland. When one looks at getting the bond money [in my case about $1400.00] back at the end of a tenancy, one has to make a phone call to the RTA [residential tenancy ass] and request the return of said funds. The Tenancy ass has a cute way of gaining more funds, [they hold the bond monies on all tenancies in Queensland and collect about $60 million per year in interest on those bonds. Their cute little action is to tell the Tenant that the agent will not release all or part of the bond and that said tenant will have to go through QCAT to retrieve his bond. This of course makes the tenant pay to make such an attempt and many tenants just shy away from tribunals unless the agent makes further claims for repairs and etc in which case, the tenant has no option but to fight and if the Agent uses false or fraudulent material to make such claims, then the tribunals usually find for said Agent in one way or another. In other words, I am claiming that Tribunals are leaning heavily toward business and multi home investors rather than protecting the tenants from the dirt that has adhered to much of the Real Estate Industry.
I will be taking my loss to every point of the legal and political compass and invite all who have or are suffering similar problems to the above. It is time to fight back at these bastards who laughingly claim that only 4% of tenants get their bond back at the end of a tenancy.

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